Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BF3 ~ Ride in Bike Show

Last of the pics from BF3 for now. Got a few more but going to have to do some work on them. Good event. Thanks to the folks putting this together.
Looking at the bikes from the pond

Vendor booths across the water

Obsolete Iron, old bikers... what a match up.

A sea of wassell tanks? Nah... 

She's waiting for the breeze to calm... everyone else is waiting for it to gust!

Tank paint by Magic Marker

 Been a long time since we've seen a line up of extended front ends like this!

Our four entries, 3 Pans and a Shovel. Huh, sounds like a sitcom.

Born Free 3 ~ The show

Vendors and People

Dude in a top hat

Freedom Machine booth

1 quart tank?

Vans ~ van. Free Hot Dogs - no shoes....

Dealer Builds
Jeremiah from Love Cycles Pan. Tribute to Dave Mann tank.

Todd from Small City Cycles, Boise Idaho

Max Schaaf from 4Q Conditioning

Beautiful work on all of it. Look how the pipes are cut for the frame
Liking the paint much

John Edward's Old Tyme Custom Paint 52 Pan

A sea of wassal tanks

Born Free 3 Photos ~ Camp Photos

Born Free 3, Arroyo Camp, So Cal 2011

Our Line up... Pan, Shovel, Pan, Pan... RV

n Tent
Bone Daddy and Nice Swing Arm 

Chopsticks n Dice

Crusin' Camp

Sweet Triumph Bobber from Minnesota

Bee sting caught him in the eye. Bummer Jerry.....

Ashley and friends from Canada

Sweet Sarah from BC ... Oh Canada, Oh Canada

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Born Free 3

Just rolled back in from the BF3. Still got lots to unpack but took many photos ... check in later to see. Great event, lots of bikes, people and stuff. Got a t-shirt to prove it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dixon Swap Meet

All photographs on this post taken by Pat Jordan ©SMW 2011

We went to the antique motorcycle Dixon swap meet today. This is some of what we saw. It was a good day.