Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 What a Year

January: All my stuff is scenic and without bikes so I am borrowing from my kid, Jesse over at Chopped Stock blog. I have backed up his pics on my external hard drive in case... Anyway, taking poetic license... here's some from January 2011.

These shots in Jesse's garage/shop are of his build for the BF3 Shovelhead. This bike for some strange reason was completely invisible in all photo accounts of the event. It turned out clean and very nice and I am still surprised at the lack of photos of the finished product. Of course, he parked his 64 Pan next to it wherever we went, so most interest went in that direction. Whatever, I rode it to the event from the camp spot and back and it is a strong running bike. Thanks, Jess for letting me ride your bike and for letting me abscond with your photos.

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