Thursday, February 2, 2012

Look What I Just Picked Up

Hell Yeah. I'm all over this project!

Ok, my ObIron friends and visitors. I have been watching as everyone (meaning the guys) around me keeps putting work into stuff they can ride to events like Born Free and our local gigs. I can't do the stripped down chopper thing because, well, I'm a girl (whoa, really? surprise, surprise, surprise) and I have "stuff" to carry. No, we're not talking a purse and lipstick or spare undies... we're talking, like, tripod, camera, lenses and gear to make beautiful pictures of your rusty old shit obsolete iron of beauty. I am not riding my bagger to these events because I don't need the heartache from ya'all and the chase truck is getting kind of old hat.
How fuck'n cool is this?
Well, I am hoping that is going to change as of today. I just picked up a servicar frame and tranny. I have a motor already and most some of the stuff to make it all work. Here's the beginning of what I know will be lots of work, money and elbow grease hope will be a long and beautiful friendship....
eBay and Craig's List I come! I really hope to break some nails, bust some knuckles, get grease on my face and be as involved as I can in this build, so suck it up, boys. Send me your thoughts, I can delete them if I don't like what I read, send me your hook-ups for parts I may need - and keep watching to see how I do.  

Comes complete with a Praying Mantis Egg Sack in the wheels between the spokes.

I have not been this excited to build a bike since we built my old coffin tank
Triumph chopper back in the 70's!

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